Bill of Rights; Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, 1980


Inspired as a child reading books like Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and Margaret Bourke-White's You Have Seen Their Faces, Lincoln Russell vowed in 1968 to live a life of adventure, decided in 1975 to become a professional photographer, began working for clients in 1977, graduated Boston University as a photo-journalism major in 1978, taught college-level photography in the 80's and published his first book in 1998.

Russell’s pursuit of photographs has been a veritable magic carpet ride and has led him through an awesome array of times, cultures, mediums and subjects. At every stop along the way, Russell looks deeply and captures the soul of his subject. His images range from the journalistic to the conceptual to the fantastic.

Many of Russell’s subjects have been published as books, each one a universe unto itself. Most notably, he is recognized for his landmark work in the wine world of Burgundy, and in classical music, especially with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Seiji Ozawa, whom he’s photographed in more than fifty concert halls around the world.