PORTRAITS are a natural extension of Russell's gregarious engagement with the world. People, faces, relationships and interactions, are a deep part of Russell's artistic lexicon.  Portraiture surfaces in nearly every period of the artist's work, and Russell's contagious joie de vivre finds itself reflected in the faces of his subjects and the people that he encounters with his camera.

Bertrand Devillard Portrait

Bertrand Devillard; Mercurey, France, 2007

Jean-Marie Raveneau

Jean-Marie Raveneau; Chablis, France, 2007

Hugo Tissa & Nazca Portrait

Hugo, Tissa & Nazca Bize; Savigny-Les-Beaune, France, 2007

Wasserman Portrait

Peter Wasserman & Becky Wasserman-Hone; Bouilland, France, 2005

An Wang Portrait

An Wang; Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, 1982

Emily and John Portrait

Emily and John; Tyringham, Massachusetts, 2014

Naneen Portrait

Naneen; Lenox, Massachusetts, 1985

Peter Serkin Portrait Photography

Peter Serkin; Richmond, Massachusetts, 2009

Pipe Smoking Man Portrait Photography

Pipe-smoking man; Near Kaili, China, 2006

Sarah Portrait Photography

Sarah; Stockbridge, Massachusetts, 1991