Burgundy; 2007

R O S E   P E T A L   A R O M A S


foreward by Aubert de Villaine

How does a man describe the woman he loves? It is an impossible task. Because what you really love is inside her. It is in a smile, in a gesture of the hand, in a perfume she left in the room. It cannot be expressed in words.

It is the same thing with the great wines of Burgundy. They elude words.

Lincoln came to Burgundy one day and he fell in love. Like so many of us, he was eager to explain why. But he has an advantage over most of us. He's a photographer; a talented photographer. He does not need words. With his heart full of love for our Côtes, he went around our vineyards, wineries and villages and, unhurriedly, like a child picking up shells on a beach, he made photographs. Tens of thousands of photographs. 

This book is like a selection of those shells. Many of those left behind could very well have been included, but there was not room enough. Choice is part of life, part of love, too.

Each photograph is like one verse in a poem, or one pearl in the moveable necklace of Burgundy: the smile of a vendangeuse working in a vineyard...a serpentine stone wall...a church steeple whose bell tolls every hour...a horse ploughing a vineyard, its supple coat shining in the late-afternoon sun...magnificent Château du Clos de Vougeot...the flowering of the vines...the Hill of Corton...an ancient, treasure-filled cellar...a paulée  (post-harvest feast) with everyone singing a traditional ban bourguignon...a portrait of vigneron...

All these precious moments, and so many more, that you cannot buy but would love to keep close to your heart, have been captured in Lincoln's photographs. We look at them with joy but also with nostalgia because they are already a part of the past. Take the time to savor each of them, leisurely, the way you would enjoy the rose petal aroma of an old Volnay...